Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to read through the list below before working with Taconite. Doing so will head off some problems before they arise.

Nothing is happening when the server responds!

Make sure that the content-type of your server response is text/xml. Taconite depends on the browser's XML engine to parse the XML. The browser won't parse the server response as XML unless the response content type is text/xml.

Why aren't the rows of a table appearing in IE?

Be sure to enclose the table rows in a <tbody> tag. For some reason, when creating table rows dynamically, IE wants the table rows to reside inside of a <tbody> tag.

Why am I getting XML parsing errors?

The content that appears within the special Taconite XML tags, whether using either the JSP library or writing the tags by hand, must be valid XHTML. So, instead of just using <br>, be sure to use <br/>. The Taconite jQuery plugin is more tolerant of invalid XML than Taconite Classic, so you may want to consider using the Taconite jQuery plugin if you don't have full control over markup returned to the browser.

How do I debug my Ajax interactions?

We highly recommend using Firebug to debug Ajax interactions. Firebug will log all XMLHttpRequest requests and display the server's response. This is immensely helpful when debugging Ajax interactions.