The Taconite jQuery Plugin

Taconite is now available as a first-class jQuery plugin! Combining Taconite with jQuery provides you with a best-of-breed Ajax solution, leveraging the simplicity and performance of jQuery with the flexibility and ease-of-use of Taconite to cover all of your general purpose Ajax needs.

If you're currently a user of Taconite, you'll be happy to hear that the Taconite jQuery plugin has a number of advantages over the classic Taconite parser:

  • Smaller in size. Comparing the minified versions, the Taconite jQuery plugin is about 87% smaller than the TaconiteParser. If you're already using jQuery anyways you can save download size.
  • Better performance. Informal testing shows that in some larger operations, the Taconite jQuery plugin could be 10-20% faster than the TaconiteParser.
  • Better tolerance for invalid XML content. The TaconiteParser requires that the entire Taconite response document be a valid XML document. This isn't necessarily hard to do, but it can be difficult when you don't control the content. For example, you may be getting a data feed from a third party who isn't as picky as you are about using valid XHTML. The Taconite jQuery plugin is tolerant of items like "<br>" or other mismatched tags.
  • The full power of jQuery selectors. The classic TaconiteParser does provide jQuery-like selectors, and of course,the Taconite jQuery plugin allows you to use the full power of jQuery selectors.
  • Better cross-browser support. The TaconiteParser does a good job of hiding individual browser quirks from developers, but by using the jQuery based parser, we can take advantage of the massive testing and installed user base of jQuery to ensure even better cross-browser support.